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Úvod »LUMOS prilba» Lumos SMART Prilba na bicykel


Lumos SMART Prilba na bicykel



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Výrobca: LUMOS
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Lumos Ultra Highlights

Integrated Turn Signals

Remote Controlled

Visible from ALL angles


Automatic Brakelights

*Optional upgrade

Crash Test Certified

CPSC | EN1078

IPX6 Waterproof

Over 10 hours of Battery Life

Why the Lumos Ultra is better than conventional helmets

1. Better positioned lights

It’s just science. Bright lights placed at eye-level are more visible then traditional bike lights. With 98 integrated COB LEDs designed to give 360˚ visibility, you’ll be more visible to motorists all around you.

2. Integrated turn signals, better predictability

Take away the guesswork by letting traffic around you know which direction you’re turning.

3. Unmatchable convenience

An integrated LED helmet eliminates the need to be reliant on multiple products. Never forget your bike lights or have them stolen again. Front light, rear light, turn signals, and brake lights - one helmet.

Awards won by Lumos

Approved by leaders in the cycling, technology and design industry.

Be predictable. Signal your intentions.

Your integrated turn signals can be activated with the help of the included Lumos Remote Lite that is mounted on your bike handlebars.

Bright lights visible from all angles

The Lumos Ultra was designed to be visible from every angle. Front and rear lights make it possible for you to be seen even from the side with its curved and diffusive LED enclosures.

The ultimate cycling accessory

If you only had one thing to bring with you on your ride, we’d like to think it’d be the Lumos Ultra. You’ll have front lights, rear lights, turn signals, brake lights and a helmet - how convenient is that?!

More than 10 hours of battery life

Our helmets are powered by a 900 mAh Lithium-ion battery which is rechargable by USB-C to enable fast and convenient charging. If you cycle for commute - this could last you for at least a week.

Crash-certified by international safety standards

The gold standard in safety, the Lumos Ultra not only looks good but protects your head if you do get into an accident preventing the most dire of head injuries.

Waterproof. Ride all year round.

From the hot suns in summer to the freezing storms in winter, the Lumos Ultra has you covered. It is rated IPX6 water proof which allows it to be used all year round.

Brake lights for additional safety

The Lumos Ultra is able to connect with our more premium Lumos Remote (a separate upgrade) to detect when you slow down. When this happens, your Lumos Ultra will flash a series of bright flashing patterns to draw attention to you.

Smart and customizable

The Lumos Companion App allows you to truly customize your helmet for your riding needs. You can customize your light flashing patterns, turn signals, brakelights, check your battery life and much more. You can also track your rides and sync with Strava and Apple Health.

Team Sync feature for group rides

Our latest Team Sync feature allows you to synchronize your flashing patterns with other Lumos Ultra’s in the vicinity. This not only looks better but also gives you an additional level of visibility as they stand out more.

This is great for people who ride with family or friends.